Saturday, August 22, 2009


In the stormy spring of 2009, artists Evan Plummer, Maritza Mosquera, and Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein gathered under a big white tent in Humboldt Park to preach the fine art of letter-writing. Mr. Plummer read the gospel out of the World Book of Poetry, calling on the divine madness and love of Neruda, Rumi, and Paz. Ms. Mosquera stitched her letters in torquoise on a grand white sheet flapping in the wind. Ms. Lichtenstein preached the letter-writing practice, with a flowered hat and pen in hand, she coached young and old letter writers alike to write the letter that was never meant and never sent. These letters were then collected, addressed to false and/or real locales, whose future receptions we will never know. We believe in the power of the hand-written letter to delight, confuse, alarm, and electrify the everyday, bringing us farther and closer to ourselves as read and seen by the eyes of another. Letter Writing Revivalists, Unite!